Association to support the candidacy to host the “Tenth World Water Forum” in 2024

On 28 December 2020, to support the candidacy of Florence and Assisi to host the “Tenth World Water Forum” in 2024, an ATS (Temporary Association of Purpose) was set up, among the Municipality of Florence, the Municipality of Assisi, of the Sacred Convent of Assisi, National Council of Geologists, National Association of Reclamation and Irrigation, INU National Institute of Urban Planning, Meteo Giuliacci, Skopìa srl, Cae srl, Agronomist World Academy Foundation, Iat srl, Water Right and Energy Foundation, Rotary Club International Ottaviano, Municipality of Ferrara, Graphisphaera, Triumphgroup, Archeoclub d’Italia and ALTA SCUOLA.

Endro MARTINI President  Promoting Committee.

It is still possible to join the ATS.

È ancora possibile aderire all’ATS.

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