Bob Dylan – The Times They Are a-Changin’ [LIVE IN ENGLAND – 1965] and [the White House Live – 2010]


Four women in the lockdown: a tale that unfolds along the banks of a river.

“La Favola del Crèmera”

-The Cremera Fairytale, 37 kilometers of magic- is a book for both adults and children.

Younger kids can be accompanied in the reading by their parents. The book is a sincere reflection about Nature and a hymn to the environment as a sacred place. Two little girls become, during the 2020 lockdown, witnesses of something unique, magical, but also real, and they find themselves walking in magnificent past times and getting in touch with historical events.
The tale is not only an environmental manifesto but also a vision of the future starting from the past. Written by 4 women and illustrated by both adult and young painters, it is a female choral book that represents a journey with many destinations.
The proceeds of the sale of the book will be donated to cultural and social associations that are involved in the defense or territory, artistic heritage and children. The tale is animated by Nature, with the aim of respecting and protecting it, and by the value of friendship. All the messages contained in the book are strengthened by brief explanations at the end of each chapter.
The forced lockdown has been the starting point for writing about Formello village, its beautiful surroundings and the life along the banks of the river Crèmera, which have all become such enchanted places thanks to the absence of people. In fact, guided by a little magical lark, the girls will discover that around there are only animals left to guard Nature, and they will enjoy this experience alone, with only their pure and innocent children’s eyes and heart.

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E-mail: – Cell.: 327 2144167

The Cremera river. [ph. E. Gizzi]
Italia Sica - Cristiana Altarocca - Emanuela Gizzi - Sara Fianchini

Cop26: attivista, donne sul clima sono agente di cambiamento

(ANSA) – GLASGOW, 09 NOV 2021- “Il cambiamento climatico fa male a tutti.

Ma se ci sono gruppi con meno libertà e minori mezzi, questi vengono danneggiati di più. E le donne sono fra questi.
    Ma se vengono prese in considerazione nelle politiche climatiche, le donne diventano un agente di cambiamento”. Così Chiara Soletti, attivista di Italian Climate Network, a Glasgow per la Cop26, spiega all’ANSA la posizione delle donne nella crisi climatica.
    “In molti fra i paesi meno sviluppati e più colpiti dalla crisi climatica, le donne non hanno diritti di proprietà, accesso al credito, formazione – prosegue Soletti -. Quindi, se c’è un disastro legato al clima, hanno meno mezzi degli uomini per affrontarlo. Se perdono il raccolto, se perdono il marito, non hanno modo di rialzarsi. Non possono lavorare, non possono avere credito. Diventano dipendenti da altri uomini”.
    Tuttavia, quando le donne vengono coinvolte nella lotta alla crisi climatica, la rendono molto più efficace. “Proprio perché sono relegate alla gestione alimentare e alla cura domestica, conoscono meglio le necessità della loro comunità, conoscono le risorse e gli ecosistemi – spiega ancora Soletti -. Se si riconoscono loro diritti, diventano un agente di cambiamento”.
    Per questo, conclude l’attivista, “serve una lente di genere nelle politiche climatiche, serve tenere conto di come le donne sono inserite nella società di ciascun paese”. (ANSA).


Leonardo da Vinci – lyrics about water

Leonardo da Vinci - lyrics about water

The water undoes them, mounts them and fills the valleys and would like to reduce the Earth to perfect sphericity, if it could.
The water of rivers does not originate from the sea but from the clouds [Codex Atlanticus f. 433r] and that the rain, flowing down and carrying solid material, collects in rivulets, streams and rivers that widen their valleys and consume the roots of the side mountains [Codex Arundel, f. 161r]

Therefore we could say the earth has a vegetative soul and that its flesh is the earth, its bones are the orders of the connection of the stones that make up the mountains, its softness are the tuffs, its blood are the veins of the waters; the lake of blood, which is around the core, is the ocean sea; its breath […] is the ebb and flow of the sea; and the heat of the soul of the world is the fire that is infused for the earth […] “(Codex Leicester, f. 34r)

CLIMATE DECLARATION | COP26 Joint Statement of International Youth Organisations


COP26 Joint Statement of International Youth Organisations

COP26 and others are signatories and supporters of the Youth Declaration on Climate.

The Declaration is to all effects a strong push desired by very influential international youth organizations that invite the components of COP26 to dedicate themselves with real decisive and timely actions to the mitigation of climate change and to an inclusive and meaningful involvement of young people in the decision-making process.