Leonardo da Vinci – lyrics about water

Leonardo da Vinci - lyrics about water

The water undoes them, mounts them and fills the valleys and would like to reduce the Earth to perfect sphericity, if it could.
The water of rivers does not originate from the sea but from the clouds [Codex Atlanticus f. 433r] and that the rain, flowing down and carrying solid material, collects in rivulets, streams and rivers that widen their valleys and consume the roots of the side mountains [Codex Arundel, f. 161r]

Therefore we could say the earth has a vegetative soul and that its flesh is the earth, its bones are the orders of the connection of the stones that make up the mountains, its softness are the tuffs, its blood are the veins of the waters; the lake of blood, which is around the core, is the ocean sea; its breath […] is the ebb and flow of the sea; and the heat of the soul of the world is the fire that is infused for the earth […] “(Codex Leicester, f. 34r)

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